Thursday, October 12, 2017

A New Dawn


I’ve had few parcels today.I know what they are and I’m excited.


There is one particular TV series I really enjoy. And wow I didn’t quiet realise how many series there are. I’ve never avidly watched it, but if I have turned on the box I’ve always enjoyed the life of the village


and the relationship of the the Doc and the Teacher.


And if I’m honest some of it is just the fact I find the teacher really fanciable, so it makes viewing even more enjoyable.


Then I realised that back in the early nineties I used to enjoy another show. A show where Louisa was dressed in a uniform.


Another show I enjoyed avidly.


Because her and Eric was in it. Mainly her though.


n The Preston Front. For some reason I remember a Chinese Restaurant in it too, but can’t recall why…



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