Monday, October 30, 2017



I pop by the Poades for a cup of tea, hopefully, and a bit of company. Its been a fair while since I’ve stopped by and stopped to see them. As it happens I get to see the new member of the Family, called Gracey. A big piece of meat, which in a way is cute, but also not cute. The cute collar probably helps.


Andy is going though some old things and here we have a n artical from the church.


And Baptised into the Family of God is Andrew William Poade. Along with Philip John Price, Mandy Jane Gould and at the same time James Timoth Green. I dont know the others.


And here is a photo of a footie team which includes a whole load of young faces I know. One of them being the young Matt Poade.


Andy is desperate to get rid of some boxes, and hands them over to me. Saying I think you’ll like this knowing I like my retro consoles.


Inside is an Atari STFM520. ohhhhh Now this should be interesting should it work. In the rest of the boxes are floppy disc games.


I find an aerial lead, switch the TV into old broadcasting aerial mode, which most don’t have now and then I plug her in, the power lamp glows, a good start. The floppy disc drive light flickers. I insert a game.


Whooooopppp. Now if I can only get the mouse working. I clean the ball of the mouse and the rollers and then move it around.


There is only one word for this…..Shocking, very very shocking, but then this was ground breaking back in 1989!

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