Thursday, October 19, 2017



This morning I had an hearing aid appointment to collect my new hearing aid. In fact I had an appointment last week. I was so glad to get it as my tinnitus was really doing my head in the last couple of days, giving me a right head ache from not being able to get away from it.


So this is it, a different ear mould and a different colour. For the geeks of you it is wireless too, unlike my other one.


I even had five minutes to go to the Compton hospice shop before my lift to work. I used it wisely and got myself a tie. Man the relief from the tinnitus with the hearing aid in was so nice.


At home that night I sat back, slipped in Series four of Doc Martin and wondered for a while, what has happened to Louisa. But when she returned she was bigger than ever.

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