Saturday, October 14, 2017

Sometimes You Have To Say Goodbye Eventually


So much to do, yet for some reason I can’t get out of this comfy bed. Perhaps its because my tinnitus is driving me mad, here in bed away from the world I’m cosy, safe and sulky. Eventually I get up, which has screwed my plan up for the day. The garden gets mowed though.


I do some weeding and then I cook some sausage sandwiches and eat them by the water side.


It is so peaceful here. Out in the garden I feel alive once more.


And I’m still getting random flowers.


I get the water feature working again, drop a bit of washing up liquid in it to clean it up.


And then move the trailer and washing machine onto the car.


We go for a little ride.


A little ride to say goodbye. And here it is left, although it was meant to be put in the skip behind. I did look in the skip and thought how the hell am I going to get it in there, when one of the chaps saw me and shouted to me to just leave it there, they would sort it out.


I head around my parents and start work on the body work.


After doing the front arch and cocking up, I rub it off and try again.


The rea sill though on the drivers side is done good enough.


And having been outside, I feel good. I feel real good.


But it is time to go home and have a shower.



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