Thursday, November 30, 2017

The End


You know you’ll make the right decision. Even if you think it is the wrong one.



Smile back at them.


Knowing that what you have done will have an outcome that will no doubt have another out come that you can’t do anything about.


The understanding of the game play, the gamer, and someone who thinks they will win.


When of course they won’t.


Of course you have to live with that decision. That out come and how the others will react.


It all ends so well, although not well, that it’s worth beginning it all over again to see it all end again, to see the smiles, to see the game, the whole game, not just the game in font of you. If you want to play the big game, then you have to play the small games. Are there any games to play. I’m not sure and reach out for the start button to start it all again…..

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Making Space


I get home. I look around, I think, I think a little too hard and decide to move a few things around in the kitchen. Some of it was initially done just to clean the areas that don’t get cleaned.


Then I decide to move the microwave. I mean as if I use it for anything other than cooking baked beans. No really that is all I use it for, say once a month when I fancy a treat of bake beans on toast.


Now what am I going to do with all those souvenir mugs.


Monday, November 27, 2017

Feel The Warmth


For breakfast time the emergence is over. There are plenty of tea bags, and I’m also eating these wonderful Red Cherry Wheats.


A while later my car share is saying, why is there an incident every day. Every Day! Yep they close some lanes and then they close the motorway.


And all because someone is feeling the warmth of the morning.


Ouch that looks expensive.


A while later a fire engine pulls up and puts that warmth feeling out. Now we are steaming.


Back at home the gangster story goes on.


Man there are strip clubs and bars, in this game. I never knew it. How come I never knew it some 10 years ago?

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Screw In


It’s so oddly nice outside. I cook up some bacon and put it in-between some bread. Pick up the bulbs my mom had left my and carry it all outside where the sun is shining.


A while later not only has the bacon sandwich gone but so have the strawberry plants that never produce strawberries. Instead hopefully we will have a lovely display of flowers, fingers crossed some time in the spring behind the wishing well.



Some of the plants just don’t give up. yay them.


I don’t think it will finish flowering, but it is trying too.


With the garden all tidied up its time to head indoors.


It’s time for some serious gaming and I decide on playing the disc version for the PS3 of Sand Andreas.


A while latter I’ve got really into the story. I don’t remember being this into this game when I originally played it in. In fact I don’t remember ever being that interested in it. But for some reason, I’m being sucked into the story.


A while later I decide to search for some new lava lamp bulbs. It would appear however the actual reason I have such a problem finding ones that fit is because the EU banned them! sodding hell, the replacements to the bulb the EU banned are some 10mm taller, hence why they do not fit. Come on Brexit, and for now I will have to go to China for some bulbs. Lets hope my house doesn’t burn down.


And with that excitement I go to bed.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

I Get My Pink Magic Wand Out


When I wake up, it is white outside and getting whiter. And with that I go back to bed.


When I do get up the reality is slowly hitting me. This is serious. I’m going to have to leave the house.


I check the tea bag stash in the tea draw. Nope it is defiantly empty.


I change something, which means moving lots of stuff. One is the PlayStation 4 Box. As you can see it is quiet dusty.


I go downstairs and get my pink magic wand out.


I give it a quick rub and


Hey presto where has all the dust gone? it actually gone on the floor.


While I’m at it, I gibe the pink magic wand a rub on lots of things. This mug seams to particularly enjoy a good tickling.


A while later the room is changed around.


I read NME and Melody Maker from 1993. I have both obviously because there is a Depeche Mode article in each.


The reason I have given the room a turn around is


because my head was getting ever so hot at night. And also it was blocking the radiator. Now my toes may get hot but my head my stay cool.


It does mean though I have had to be imaginative in some ways.


It seems to work out nicely.


I’ll have to move the picture, and I have lost the fire place hole.


i can now sit on my bed and watch the neighbours house. Lucky me!


And the TV is sorted, hence the snow boards position.


With that I do a lot of clearing up and throwing away.


I come across my old birthday cards, yes I keep them. And this one holds a special memory. Yay I like this card a lot.


It so cold that as night falls, I eve close the curtains. now that doesn’t happen often.

Friday, November 24, 2017

A Gift


Then there was two. I’m now in trouble! Will have to remember I need some more for shopping.


When I do get home, I find I have been left a gift. A gift of tea bags would have been more useful, but hey!


With nothing exciting to do. I sit back and relax. Sod the electricity bill, lets enjoy some mood lighting.


Hold on I lit a few candles as well. Man there is no holding me back to create the perfect atmosphere!


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