Saturday, November 11, 2017

Flying Low


I had a lazy morning, I eventually got up and went to the tyre outlet to get the second tyre.


I smell the rubber of the premium tyre I’m putting on and say goodbye to another £65.


From here I burn that rubber down the toll road to get to Coventry Aeroplane Club.


Here I’m going to learn to fly a plane. Well start.


I have a cup of tea and then relax until I’m called.


I don’t know who these pair are, but I’m sure I should.


How ever I should point out, that the plane I’m going to learn to fly is not one with a propeller.


But a jet.


I wait in the waiting room, for that is what waiting rooms are for.


I get a briefing off a pilot of the instruments and then


a video all about planes, and how they stay up in the air.


With this knowledge the pilot takes us to a hanger where the pilot training simulators are, and we enter the Airbus A320, which I selected. Luckily once in the cockpit he instructs me to sit on the right hand side. I sit down, we go though the controls, and the instruments, and then he asks me where I want to fly to and from. Flight one is from Geneava to Salzburg. And then from Salzburg to Milan. Take off is easy, flying is easy, and landing was with a bit of a bump. However the landing at Milan was easy. In fact with the nav stuff it wasn’t that hard. What seamed to be hard was using the navigation computer. But that was down to him and not me.


Sometime later it is all over. The pilot seams to get told off for having me in there for too long, but doesn’t seam to mind and I get a certificate and photo.


As I reach back to the car I notice something. Bollocks.


And with that I go out for tea with my mom. I had heard the Rag was nice so headed there, but once there, was told they were fully booked.


So we ended up at table 16, at another venue,


which I had meant to drop into before.


Well we are off the beaten track here.


And not only do they do normal pub food, but the chief is Asian and therefor there is a proper Punjab menu too. I decide to try it. I have a dish of something different.


Sometime later after returning my mom home, and watching Dr. Martin on the ITV catch web thingy, which works around their but not mine, I head back to my own home.


Ah as I go to bed, I remember tomorrow is Remembrance Day…..

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