Thursday, November 16, 2017

Going Gold

I get home from work. I’m here now. But a after a few seconds I’m not.


A while later I’m in a strangers house. A stranger who once we get talking to, no longer seams like a stranger. Here together we meet a consciousness that we both live on. A plain that we can communicate to with each other that no one else understands. But for now this is it. This is just a moment, nothing else, just a quick meeting, an exchange, and a hand shake. They hand over the gold.


A while later I’m home, back in my front room. It was nice to get out, to have a drive in my gold machine, to collect the gold item.


I lie down on the matt in the front room. Open the gold box and take out the gold edition.


Yes the gold edition LG G3. No longer will i be restricted to the insane Sony Xperia XA 16gb of which has 10Gb on Sony software on it meaning you are limited to the other apps you can put on. And while you can put some on the memory card they do not function in the background! Its a night mare that should not be. Only thing is, will this be a new kind of nightmare or just a room full of gold with a dragon breathing down your neck. We await to see…..

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