Friday, November 17, 2017

Listen to your Mind, Hear Your Soul


I’m sitting there thinking. Thinking I shouldn’t be here, I know it, I should be somewhere else. I think, I think of nothing else, it wraps around my mind, knowing what I know and that it is all a big mistake. I look within. deeper and deeper, the music that makes my soul beat like no other, even after all this time, the soul stills loves to hear it over and over and over, that takes you far from where you are, imersesseses you into your own mind, far beyond the concuss thoughts of the every day world, the the world in my eyes, not yours. Only once before have I missed a gig in Manchester. But the gig I did not miss, someone on that occasion came to the rescue. This time though???? Is there anyone out there listening? This was a mistake, this is where I should not be, not here, not now. I should be there, should I perhaps? Where should I be, I’m sure I should be there, not here. I think it, I think of of the possibilities. Is there one? Is there hope? Balls to my hearing, I know it now. I know what it is, to desire so much what it is I want to hear, the words, the rhythmical melodic tunes, the indescribable darkened lyrics looking towards the shining lights pounded into the endless universe by the voice of Dave.


One ponders it, I should blag a street ticket on Sunday night in Brum…Is that why the schedule is this way round? Is it? Is it to make me feel my soul once more…


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