Sunday, November 26, 2017

Screw In


It’s so oddly nice outside. I cook up some bacon and put it in-between some bread. Pick up the bulbs my mom had left my and carry it all outside where the sun is shining.


A while later not only has the bacon sandwich gone but so have the strawberry plants that never produce strawberries. Instead hopefully we will have a lovely display of flowers, fingers crossed some time in the spring behind the wishing well.



Some of the plants just don’t give up. yay them.


I don’t think it will finish flowering, but it is trying too.


With the garden all tidied up its time to head indoors.


It’s time for some serious gaming and I decide on playing the disc version for the PS3 of Sand Andreas.


A while latter I’ve got really into the story. I don’t remember being this into this game when I originally played it in. In fact I don’t remember ever being that interested in it. But for some reason, I’m being sucked into the story.


A while later I decide to search for some new lava lamp bulbs. It would appear however the actual reason I have such a problem finding ones that fit is because the EU banned them! sodding hell, the replacements to the bulb the EU banned are some 10mm taller, hence why they do not fit. Come on Brexit, and for now I will have to go to China for some bulbs. Lets hope my house doesn’t burn down.


And with that excitement I go to bed.

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