Thursday, November 02, 2017



Today I am driving my own car. However I don’t get to drive it far. I hear an odd noise. It is definitely there. Erm I think and pull over.


I see the flat tyre and erm isn’t the only thing I’m thinking now. Man look at that.


Just great. Well I consider the fact that I have no spare wheel and weather or not this is going to pump up.


I get the compressor out and plug it in.


and get it pumping. To my amazement it pumps up. To my amazement it stays up. I look on the web for tyre centers and head on off.


So I arrive before the center opens. I wait. There is nothing else to do and eventually someone turns up. Hi they say, can we help. He looks at the car, and says he recognises it. From somewhere…. Then he says do you live by that pub. As it happens he lives around the corner form mine and remembers the car. He opens up, looks through the stock and hasn’t got a 195 55 R15 instock. He can get one by 2pm. I ask him to get two Goodyear Efficiency Grip Performances for Saturday and I’ll come back then. And with that and the screw still in place I pump the tyre back up and


Limp it back home. I call my car share friend and ask if they will pick me up after their health appointment. I’m in luck they will. But this is seriously going to effect my weekend funds.

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