Thursday, November 30, 2017

The End


You know you’ll make the right decision. Even if you think it is the wrong one.



Smile back at them.


Knowing that what you have done will have an outcome that will no doubt have another out come that you can’t do anything about.


The understanding of the game play, the gamer, and someone who thinks they will win.


When of course they won’t.


Of course you have to live with that decision. That out come and how the others will react.


It all ends so well, although not well, that it’s worth beginning it all over again to see it all end again, to see the smiles, to see the game, the whole game, not just the game in font of you. If you want to play the big game, then you have to play the small games. Are there any games to play. I’m not sure and reach out for the start button to start it all again…..

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