Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Hotpoint Its Meant to be Cold.


Sunday night I put out the brown bin, which for us is the garden waste bin. Monday morning it is emptied, I guess. I guess as when I get back home, the blue bin is on my drive, but the brown bin is nowhere to be seen. I look up and down my neighbours searching for someone with two brown bins. No luck, So using the council app I contact them to say the bin has gone. There are only two options in the replacement bin section, it has been put in the wagon, or it has broken. I go for the it has been put in the wagon option as it’s nowhere to be seen. I could leave it a few days before contacting them but the bin leaflet says if your bin goes missing after collection you have to tell them within 24 hours so I did. Tuesday when I get back from work, the brown bin is back in its place. Interesting. Is there an option to cancel your request no. Can you email them back by the email they sent you to say thanks we will send you a replacement bin. No it specifically say do not reply to this email. So I o back to order a replacement bin and in the notes section write a note saying it is returned. But I ponder. Will I get another bin! Will I get another two bins!


On Saturday I noticed my hotpoint FFAA52P1 was not cold in the fridge or the freezer department. Seamed to be caused by the freezer door being left open. I sorted this out by unplugging it and it started to refreeze. The fridge though did not cool down.


With the fridge still not working, and reading the internet, After defrosting the fridge with the doors open and the room temperature in the kitchen being made to 30 deg C for 18 hours with the covers off, it was very defrosted. Once back together the fridge still didn’t get cool even though the freezer still froze. I read deeper into what could be the trouble, which pointed to the circuit board. To get at the circuit board you need to take the top door off and also the top panel. Then you have access to it and the wires.


I give it sniff.


Disappointingly nothing seams to have melted, burnt or broken down. Do I risk £60 for another in the hope it fixes it or just another?


For now I put it back together and use it as a cupboard.



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