Friday, December 01, 2017



Its cold out there,


as in really cold.


As we pass Asda in Cannock the lights for the new petrol station are lit up. They are offering the most expensive petrol in Cannock right now.


I take the usual walk to Alibaba’s for some chips and a Friday Baguette, followed by a walk and sit down in Aston Park.


Here it is tranquil. The trees are sleeping, and today is the last day for one of my college’s for this year. He hasn’t taken any holiday so far so is breaking the rules and have four weeks off in one go. Use it or lose it. Me I have one day left. I suggest a pint after work in Birmingham.


It is accepted and instead of the usual haunts I take us to find somewhere quiet behind the library.


However they weren’t to open until 6pm, so I wandered us around the canal.


and to the Tap and Spiel.


there is a couple of seats at the bar. Perfect.


While it might look like Birra Morretti, it isn’t. It’s Lawless. My chum who only likes carling black label looks glum. There is none in here. So once more I get him to try Lawless. One Lawless leads to another which leads to another.


However we are being given straight glass which we then pour into our fancy glasses. We ask the bar maid if we can have youthel glasses in the future, and tells us the only reason she was giving us them was she couldn’t reach high enough for the fancy once above the bar.


A few more beers leads to a few more, but eventually he says its time for him to go home, we walk down the cannal.


And across into the city center. As we near the station I tell him that I’m going in the Shakespear my train isn't for an hour.


And so he joins me. As a bonus for me there is a Purity beer I’ve never had, never seen before, and for him there is Carling Black label, to his joy. His joy though is short lived as he tells me its the worst carling black label he’s ever had. I give it a quick taste and confirm its awful, its definitely carling black label. Perhaps I’ve retrained your taste buds after all this time.


While he goes for the tram, I go for the train.


It’s already here waiting for me.


Well when they activate the doors that is.


Wow a return ticket to Birmingham is £2.50. That's 5p a mile, amazing value.


I get it wrong, I never know which way to face when in Birmingham Station. Dam it I’m facing backwards. Get ready for me to vomit.


As it happens I don’t. From the train I walk the road way, avoiding the pubs in the center of town. I pass Mc’Donalds, if I had a car, I’d have a burger, but that would be illegal.



Back at home I relax happy on the sofa, I power up the blu tooth speaker and put on James, the tunnnness ripple through the air……

“I wrote tis song to say I’m finally leaving, afraid to say these words to your face…Must be better than a letter, text or an email………..”



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