Saturday, December 02, 2017

Tell It Like It Is


Saturday morning and I have my mom, my dads not well and well it will be good to spend some time with her. We head into Cannock and get out the blue badge.


We park up in  the center amongst the shops, and nip in and out of them. It’s amazing how much you can spend in the pound shop.


Of course all this shopping in the cold make for wanting to sit in the warmth.


We head to Taylors for some dinner, both choosing the mix grill.


After several other shopping moments in the shops, we head to the church for the Charity Christmas Tree Festival.


As it happens I’ve never been in the Church that is as old as the Vikings.

20171202_153034_HDRAh fairy lights. I’m going to enjoy this.


Inside the vicar said hello and the warmth was welcoming. The Christmas trees were so lovely dressed.


Now is it a competition on the best Christmas tree, or just to see how many charities can be supported in one go?


Either way it was a nice moment.


And it smelt really good too.


I like this simple one the best.


We wonder away and back to the grim outside world.


Well the cut backs the council said they were going to do, actually seem to be happening now.


The towns Christmas lights are appalling. Naff pants rubbish.


I notice the camera on the phone is not liking taking photos with lights. Looking at it the camera lens cover is scratched, so on ebay I go and order a replacement. Hopefully this will sort it out.


And while on there, I saw this, tell it like it is.

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