Wednesday, December 06, 2017

The Gift


Tonight after work I head to the hospital. Iwas going to put up my Christmas decorations but this is more important. My Granddad has been in for a week and my dad is ill, so I take over the visiting duties. It has been a while since I have been here, it reminds me of the months I lived here seeing my mom some tens years ago now. A different kind of world, a different kind of living when you spend so much time here. So draining as I recall. Perhaps that is why my dad is ill too?


I look for ward A8, I go down the long corridor, find Gregs, and then into the lift and up a floor. This place is a maze, just like I remember but once your used to it, you can find your way around easy enough. They seam to have upgraded the signs. He looks miserable when I arrive, but by the time I leave he is smiling, This I think is a good sign.


When I get home I find a gift. Will it work? Will it need a new bulb? If it does work, where will I put it.


Oh wow it works!



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