Friday, December 08, 2017

The white Stuff


I wake up to a lovely surprise, a lovely white one.


Here it has snowed heavily. ooooohhh as I look out the window while making breakfast.


I pack my bag, and pack my car. I put an extra bag in and an extra board.


I climb in the car and warm it up for Mr carshare and myself. I’m sure he’ll be here soon.


An eventually he appears, and thus we set off.


At work it is that time of year. I tell the intern boys to go and get the Christmas tree out of the cupboard. I tell them it is in a box.

20171208_115058_HDRI’m not lying it is in a box. But then they are thinking big. When they find it, after I give them some clues that it was right in front of there eyes, they laugh and we take the tree out of the box.


A long while later I arrive at Stockport. When I get to Cannock another 4 inches has fallen and as the carshare man leaves my car to get into his I leave him trying to get all the snow off the car. Up the M6 I am driving in a blizzard, I slow down, call Alan and let him know I’m not rushing up tonight and I’ll be late. I’ll meet them in Manchester after the show. As I get off the M6 the snow stops. But thats not all. There is no snow on the ground either.


Some time later I am waiting at the station for the 20:05 train. Alone. Munching on chedder cheese crisps for tea.


I head into Manchester, I send them a t text to say where I will be. I’m very nearly out of go go juice on my home. I head to Home, in a way never shown to me by Alan before. Well you wander, you learn.


Once at the Gaswork pub just as I’m about to enter, they say there is an interval. I quickly look at Google maps, I only need to be just around the corner. Can I make it in time, before it ends and my phone battery. Well the answer is no on both accounts! But we do get to see each other eventually while I wait in the bar area with a couple of buds. Ah it is good to get together again. We find a pub that is noisy, and in that noisy pub we find a very quiet corner and we natter for hours. This is nice this is how life is meant to be……



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