Monday, January 29, 2018

It’s not just big its huge!


I’m still working my way through the story. But as I’m now so into it, I thought it might be wise to see what I was missing.


So I brought the guide book.


Wow this game, it’s just not big its huge.


I have a flick through…


This is where I am, but there are so many other things to do as well. Things I have not touched on. Wow oh wow. Could this really all be done on a PS3?




Sunday, January 28, 2018

Ever Expanding Balls


When I wake today I ache. Every joint aches, even the ones in my fingers.


I put a travel folder together and fill my coffin bag. Now if I could only find my passport. As it happens I can’t. Now that's worrying. I can find the 2 that are out of date. But not the proper one.


Mean while my dad asks if I can bring down key 27. He doesn’t have one, and he knows that I do. So I go and take one down. And when I use key 27, I find that inside the box the fixings are missing. Now nearly every time I leave the fixings in the box. So where are they. As it happens they are here. I didn’t know they where here until I was there. And then I knewish that I didn’t need to be there to find them.


But right here. I find them in my garage in a bag my mind knew about but no one else. I look inside, its all here. I call my dad to let him know.


On a completely different subject, if you have any of these ball type air fresheners you will notice the balls slowly get smaller.


And when they do so, you can add water to them and make them expand once more. And if you smell them, the fragrance will still be there. So if you smell like I do. Use a drop of water and hide it.



Saturday, January 27, 2018

Only 3 Years.


Saturday I woke up early, and I was in the mood for getting the fence done. I read Tommy Walshs tips on fencing from a book and made a cup of tea. I got out the tools and


looked at the situation. I remove the fence panel and reposition the good one


where the bad one is further down the garden. I can’t get it in myself and there is no sign of the neighbour. I prop it up for now.


Situation turns out to be the post is cracked. Wow what the wind can do.


I get the spade out and get digging. A lot of digging. A lot of pulling a lot of leverage. Eventually the spade breaks! Well that’s the end of digging. Eventually I remove the post.



One hole.


I drag the post to the drive way and consider the options of


the gate. Erm????


Well the sewer runs directly under here, so I’m not going to dig that up. That is only going to lead to a whole lot of other issues I don’t want to go into.


So with that I go indoors.


I get out the paper catalogues. I go on the web to see what is available locally. And then consider the fact that a concrete post of 2.4meters is required and I need a vehicle that would take such a length. I think of Gerty. As it happens Gerty is not insured, but this did mean that I got a cup of tea. I knocked the neighbours up and left to go and see Sara and her brand new motor with a tape measure and two towels. A while later in Wickes, she went to look at the kitchens while I looked at garden posts, cement, a new shovel to replace the shovel I broke earlier, a wooden post, some raw bolts, a post holder. A while later we loaded for lovely car with a long post, delicately down the center wrapped in towels. Unbelievably it went in the car really well!


Back at the work place there is no sign of the neighbour still.


While I wait, and some 3 years later, or earlier depending how you look at it, I get the second one out of the box. The first one has been up and functioning for a while. And when putting it up, I remembered why I left the second one in the box.


But now it is up it looks good. At some point I’ll have to wire the lamp in. That's a whole lot of other mess, and plastering. That will probably be another 3 years.


Sometime later the neighbour comes out and helps drop the lower garden panel in. We have a chat about the works, and life. And that I’ll be busy for the next two weekends at least. He promises me he’ll get it sorted.


For now this is how it will remain. But for how long? And will I end up doing it myself?



Friday, January 26, 2018

So Inappropriate


So I go swimming for the final time this week. Man I feel so good. So alive. Can I keep this up. It will be difficult next week.


For Friday evening rest I put on grand theft auto San Andreas for a while.


The gangster story has taken a bit of a change since I passed my flying school test.


You see I get to fly a plane.


Right to a sex store, where I get to buy a gimp suit. Yeah I kid you not.




Tuesday, January 23, 2018

A Different Kind Of Sizzle


On the way home I get call asking if I want to go out for a sizzle. I say yes. Car share asks what a sizzle is. Ah its just a cheap brand of pub that does carvery all week, cheap during the week, but you can have fish and chips or pie or something like that for £5.75. Ah he says. At home I get the snowboard boots I have now wrapped up and finally been paid for and take them to the co-op “my hermes” drop off point.


After dropping off the parcel we head to the pub, enjoy a good meal each and then head home. I don’t stay up very long. I’m tired from the swim yesterday and i need my bed again.


Sunday, January 21, 2018



I get up and change the bed clothes. Yep life is that exciting. I put a girlie bed spread on. Well it looks nice, clean and fresh.


I notice outside it is snowing.


It is snowing heavily.


Buddha will be cold.


I watch the white stuff fall.


The neighbour calls round to discuss the fence. We are going to try fixing it next Saturday. I hope the weather will be better than this.


With the original plan for the day off due to heavy snow, for most of the day, I sit and eat and play at being fireman Sam. Trying to raise $75,000 isn’t easy, unless you do lots of fire fighting. Problem is finding a fire station first with an active fire engine. Yay I get enough and buy that airfield. And now it wants me to learn how to fly helicopters while shooting missiles. This I am not good at……


Sometime later I’m round my parents. I watch The Grand Tour and then go in search of my spare phatnoise boxes. My I forgot how many I had. Now how can I get one of these to Serbia?



Saturday, January 20, 2018

They’ll Have To Change The Lyrics


I get up and look out the window. There is the broken hence.


At the bottom of the garden I look how cold it is. Poor Buddha.


The story of GTA San Andreas continues. I finally get to cross the bridge to explore the northern territories.


Oh wow this is base on Las Vagas. Then I here the post flap.


I look at the envolope. Erm it looks like another bill. I could do without that. But when I open it, Plus nett have decided to give me a gift of £50 for coming back.


Suddenly I need to get to the bank I turn off the PS3 and head down the street. Hell it is snowing, it may not look like it but it is snowing. I call my parents for whom I was eternally waiting for, that I will meet them in town instead as I need to get to the bank. I will be able to afford some groceries after all this week.


Later on in poundland, I am looking at spending my money carefully. Here I can buy 50 items. Hold on, mybe I can only buy 25?


Or in fact only 10. Where are the pound items?


Shikes, I think I’ve come into the wrong shop. This seams to be the more than a pound store.


Even the clothing is more than a pound!


Oh my god its a big con. Its 10 one pounds! Someone somewhere is going to have to change their song lyrics or just look plain stupid.


I leave with nothing and enjoy the whiteness of life.


I go with my mom and dad for some dinner in Taylors.


While we drink tea and eat lasagne, we watch the white stuff fall heavier and heavier.


I get some veg from Jessica's and some cornflakes from Iceland.


Once home with the fridge full, I try to think of something to do. So I get my drill out.


A while later, after some noise and some dust, a shelf is erected.


Yep that is perfect. I can put a cup of tea on there.


I settle down for some more action in a world far far far away.


The thing is I need $80000 to buy a derelict airport and I do not have it. Worse the game storyline does not want to continue until I have brought it. Aghhghghghghghgh


So I whisk the disc out and decide to go on a journey far, far, far away. Somewhere that will take me on a journey to find a shining star.


"Nowhere Near The End Of the Rainbow"
contains information that is non-accurate, made up and in some cases just down right lies. Anything in this blogg may be based on true fiction but to help dramatise it, some items may have been embellished. Some names are made up, others are not and any that are familar to yours just are.





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