Saturday, January 13, 2018

Being Naughty


It’s Saturday, and I spend the day with my mom. We do some shopping and then head to Taylors for some dinner.


I’ve also managed to get my haircut this morning too. Not at Mancave though, the queue was too long, so I went to the Barbers where the girl wears Doctor Martins.


Dinner comes, it look lovely.


And then my mom is naughty, she has some cheese cake, which makes me wish I’d ordered cheesecake. I hadn’t though.


I’d ordered apple pie and custard. And you will notice its not just apple stew with a puff pastry top. Nope this pie has pastry top, bottom and sides. Well where it hasn’t been cut.


In the pound shop I have picked up a bargain. A red rose to climb up my trellis. It is only here that I realise that I have not picked up a climber but a bush.


Sometime later we are home. I unpack the bags.


The rose was not the only thing I got at Poundland. I got this pan. But guess how much for?


I also treated myself to three new ties. I really like the pink one.


Well as it happens I went back into poundland and I brought a second rose. This time a climber.


I head to the garden to get my hands dirty.


Back indoors I decide its time to try to sell my snowboarding boots.


I get them out. Give them a whiff, but there is no wiff. I get my camera out and then load up the ebay app.


A few shots later and they are for sale.


But will they sell. Well if they do, the new owner should be nothing but pleased with them. They are in wonderful condition.


And with that I consider how to raise some serious cash. There is only one thing for it. To put up for sale the Fallout beer. And there it sits on ebay waiting for someone to press the buy it now button for £360….

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