Sunday, January 28, 2018

Ever Expanding Balls


When I wake today I ache. Every joint aches, even the ones in my fingers.


I put a travel folder together and fill my coffin bag. Now if I could only find my passport. As it happens I can’t. Now that's worrying. I can find the 2 that are out of date. But not the proper one.


Mean while my dad asks if I can bring down key 27. He doesn’t have one, and he knows that I do. So I go and take one down. And when I use key 27, I find that inside the box the fixings are missing. Now nearly every time I leave the fixings in the box. So where are they. As it happens they are here. I didn’t know they where here until I was there. And then I knewish that I didn’t need to be there to find them.


But right here. I find them in my garage in a bag my mind knew about but no one else. I look inside, its all here. I call my dad to let him know.


On a completely different subject, if you have any of these ball type air fresheners you will notice the balls slowly get smaller.


And when they do so, you can add water to them and make them expand once more. And if you smell them, the fragrance will still be there. So if you smell like I do. Use a drop of water and hide it.



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