Monday, January 15, 2018



I consider the longest road jounrey you can make by road. I think Facebook wanted me to know. So I looked into it. And here it is, the longest road trip you can do on land in the world. 6 days of solid driving. I consider the challange, the adventure,what would be seen and what I can do it in?


I head to the swimming pool straight after work only to find its not open yet. In fact now the school holidays have finished they have returned to the usual schedule. This being Monday 6:30pm – 7:30pm. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, being 6pm to 7pm and then Friday being 6:30pm to 7:30pm. This later start is good news. I can get my full £5:20’s worth of an hours swimming on Monday and Friday, and a little less on Wednesday.


I get my 60 lengths done.


A while later back at home I’m hungrey. I start cooking my tea, but see chocolate. It will do, just a chunk, hell this stuff is nice, hell I’ve eaten it all.


The pasta simmers slowly. If only I’d waited a bit longer.


Back to driving I put on Driver Parrallel Lines on the PS2 for a while. ooo yeah. How you forget how good some games were.


And then I head to the bedroom to put on Driver 2 for the PS1. Wow was the PS1 really able to do this? Really? Amazing stuff.


Back in the retro games room I put on a game I had not yet played – Pirates of the Carabean. I picked this up for one reason only. Becasue Bestheda published it. I was expecting rubbish, but what I got was a simple game  done in hi res graphics that was enjoyable. Wow what a way to finish the night and took my weery limbs to bed.

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