Sunday, January 07, 2018

Interesting Stuff


Sunday is spent doing interesting stuff, like vacuuming. And replacing wiper blades. As it happens I ordered two wiper blades for the skoda. One for the drivers side and one for the passenger side. As it happens inside the said box, is one wiper blade, and once I work out the codes it is one for the drivers side. On the invoice inside is stated both of them. I send an email adivsing only one is in the box and the box was recieved intacked. When I go to put the one wiper on, I find out I’ve ordered the wrong part. I forgot my car was the year they changed the wiper blade connection types. So when the second one comes it will be wrong as well. I can’t face telling them that neither are no good now. As it happens I work out how to take the said old and new wiper blade appart and put the new blade in the old carrier. Job nicely done but fidelly.


Then for what ever reason I decide to clean all the windows. Well it wasn’t for no reason. They were very dirty. Well they are not no. I did them all, the lot, the back ones, the front ones, and on my house the side ones too.


Back in the retro room you can see the crytal clear glass. Or can’t and thats the point.


I get some karting games out, here we play Litt Big Planet Karting. Odd I know there is another game on the PS3 too. Ahhhh Mod Nation Racers by Sony themselves, and Zoe used to love it. I dont’ have it. So play this for a while.


And then I rememer Smash Cars. Ah this is awsome, wow I love playing this, its just so hard to win though!

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