Saturday, January 06, 2018

King Boo


At one point I was dreaming, then at another I was standing in the shower in the upper room at Matt and Maddies dancing in the warm water that finally made it to the shower head upstairs. Downstairs we had breakfast and then it was


Mario Kart time on the Nintedo Switch. 


After a rough start I was beginng to out race the children.


And for those of you who do not know, I was playing as King Boo.


However I forgot the magic rule.


Let the wooky win! Or there might be more tantrums! Suddenly my game playing got worse as my stomach rubbled for dinner.


I’m not sure what happened, but Matt suggested I should go home and he would take me to the train station. The wooky came with us.


By the way this is what you do with your rubbish if you live in Birmingham!


Matt takes me to work, where I regain my key from my desk and then head tot he local station to get a train, amongst all the Aston Villa fans. Kick off was in 30 mins and the train was initialy rammed for one stop up the line.


I changed at Thame Bridge Parkway, and have a relaxing jouney home.


I do a bit of shopping in the town center and then head to the bus station with the heavey bags.


I get a seat on the bus and relax with something big and red between my legs.


The shopping is put away and hey you know what.


I go to the retro room, power up


And put on the dreamcast. I slip in Dream Snes and


become horrified at the original mario kart ! Oh my god!!!!!!



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