Friday, January 05, 2018

Paper Ducks


I’ve got my feet up. Matt says I made it here quickly. It didn’t seem like it. With the area of Birmingham I catch the bus in being dug up, trying to find where there is a bus stop with the right bus going to where you want to go is a bit daunting.


I go upstairs to the lovely spare bedroom. Ah it looks so comfy but first a quick change and we are out of the door.


The first pub Matt takes me to is new to me, they take twitch, always dangerous in a pub, and they do not sell any carling. I know as I jokingly asked the barman. Mat hits me and we both get a pint of ale and drink it at a table without chairs. That is because there are no chairs. What kind of pub is this. Matt tells me I’ll like the next pub. Why’s that then Matt does it serve Carling?


As it happens it doesn’t. But it does take twitch, dangerous that is in a pub. Even more so with Matt.


This pub is called the Paper Duck.


Although I couldn’t work out why? A huge range of beers and quiet at first meant we stayed. I liked the atmosphere, I liked the company, I liked the beer. I liked it. We did leave though eventually.


And oddly I had to talk Matt into going for a curry. He told me he didn’t want one, but really I think he did. If he didn’t he had one anyway, just like me.


We had some poppadum's, he didn’t want those either, but he had some.


And then the food came, I had the wettest dry Tawa the chef could make. No really its meant to be dry. Really! I have no idea what Matt had.


Other than Cobra, which indecently, he didn’t want either. Well not big bottles. HE did ask the waiter for small bottles. The waiter brought us big bottles. This waiter was good at his job. He knew what the customer really wanted even if the customer didn’t even know themselves.


I told Matt I’m grown up now, I don’t need to, I’m not going to, I think we should leave.


And with that we left our unfinished beers there on the table.


This proved to be a fruitless move, when we got home Matt insisted we played with the switch while the kids where in bed, in particular Mario Kart. I particular we were both pants at it. In particular we had both had too much to drink. No I lie, we had just had just enough.

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