Sunday, January 21, 2018



I get up and change the bed clothes. Yep life is that exciting. I put a girlie bed spread on. Well it looks nice, clean and fresh.


I notice outside it is snowing.


It is snowing heavily.


Buddha will be cold.


I watch the white stuff fall.


The neighbour calls round to discuss the fence. We are going to try fixing it next Saturday. I hope the weather will be better than this.


With the original plan for the day off due to heavy snow, for most of the day, I sit and eat and play at being fireman Sam. Trying to raise $75,000 isn’t easy, unless you do lots of fire fighting. Problem is finding a fire station first with an active fire engine. Yay I get enough and buy that airfield. And now it wants me to learn how to fly helicopters while shooting missiles. This I am not good at……


Sometime later I’m round my parents. I watch The Grand Tour and then go in search of my spare phatnoise boxes. My I forgot how many I had. Now how can I get one of these to Serbia?



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