Saturday, January 20, 2018

They’ll Have To Change The Lyrics


I get up and look out the window. There is the broken hence.


At the bottom of the garden I look how cold it is. Poor Buddha.


The story of GTA San Andreas continues. I finally get to cross the bridge to explore the northern territories.


Oh wow this is base on Las Vagas. Then I here the post flap.


I look at the envolope. Erm it looks like another bill. I could do without that. But when I open it, Plus nett have decided to give me a gift of £50 for coming back.


Suddenly I need to get to the bank I turn off the PS3 and head down the street. Hell it is snowing, it may not look like it but it is snowing. I call my parents for whom I was eternally waiting for, that I will meet them in town instead as I need to get to the bank. I will be able to afford some groceries after all this week.


Later on in poundland, I am looking at spending my money carefully. Here I can buy 50 items. Hold on, mybe I can only buy 25?


Or in fact only 10. Where are the pound items?


Shikes, I think I’ve come into the wrong shop. This seams to be the more than a pound store.


Even the clothing is more than a pound!


Oh my god its a big con. Its 10 one pounds! Someone somewhere is going to have to change their song lyrics or just look plain stupid.


I leave with nothing and enjoy the whiteness of life.


I go with my mom and dad for some dinner in Taylors.


While we drink tea and eat lasagne, we watch the white stuff fall heavier and heavier.


I get some veg from Jessica's and some cornflakes from Iceland.


Once home with the fridge full, I try to think of something to do. So I get my drill out.


A while later, after some noise and some dust, a shelf is erected.


Yep that is perfect. I can put a cup of tea on there.


I settle down for some more action in a world far far far away.


The thing is I need $80000 to buy a derelict airport and I do not have it. Worse the game storyline does not want to continue until I have brought it. Aghhghghghghghgh


So I whisk the disc out and decide to go on a journey far, far, far away. Somewhere that will take me on a journey to find a shining star.

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