Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Artic Front


Today is meant to be the coldest day of the artic front, it looks wintery for a change.


I select a tie for the day. I like this tie.


I cut up some juicy fruit. give it squeeze and


add some hot water. Lovely as it trickles down my throat and most refreshing.


The battery Matt has given me for my LG G3 that was from his old one has charged up over night.


I swap it over and put it in my phone. It goes into boot loop which signifies that the battery isn’t any good even though it charged up.


I sit and wait for car share to turn up. This however is our last week together, for he has decided to move on and go and work in Burton. Apparently he will not miss the traffic of the M6 to Birmingham and back. Although I can’t see the drive to Burton being any quicker myself.


At dinner time I sit and relax with my old partner Steve of some 20 years. And while he is eating the usual


I have made a daily arrangement to have a salad based dinner from now on, amongst other things avoiding chips everyday.


Back at home things have turned very artic, very.



Monday, February 26, 2018



I have a lie in, but when I do get up, I stand vertically on the scales. Of Wow I need to eat more. Although if you knew what I had eaten yesterday you would think otherwise.


I get a lie in as I have a dental appointment. And one thing here has changed. You are seen on time, that never used to happen.


As my old dentist has left, I have a new one. And she is very thougher going through my old records and checking them against my teeth.


She gives them a good clean and tells me everything else is okay, and asks if I’m alright. I say better than the last time I was here, and the assistant says oh yeah I remember that visit.


As I have my own car on the run, after work I make an unexpected visit to see the gerbils.


Hattie comes down stairs, snuggles up to me and reads me a chapter out of the book. It is an interesting story where I learn that there is such a thing as a sand fairy, don’t get mixed up with snow angels, these are faires. And no I had never heard of such a thing. Izzy comes down says hello and then disappears back to bed. After a good natter with MAddy and Matt I leave for my own home, feeling happy and content.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

The End Of The Line


Having gone to bed so early meant that I woke up early. 4am early. And it was dark. Very dark.


I didn’t back to sleep, I just snoozed in comfort until about 9:30. I got up had breakfast and


put on the PS3. Will it be all over today I wonder?


This is it, this the “end Of The Line”


Goodbye sweet your dead.


And Officer Ten Penny is still loose.


The its a final rush of maddness, fire


and more death.


But in the end, things end.


This is the pinnacle point.


The job is done.


We are altogether just how it all started.


And then the other man appears again, you know the spaced out one.


So this is the end of the chapter.


This is the end of the game.


This is the end of the line and whoppie I have a trophy.


And while the credits roll


I think to myself wow what a game. 20180225_113951

Wow did they really do all that on the PS2 as well?


I put the book away and the game. What to do with my life now. Well really I already have the answer. But no just yet.


I settle in front of the PC screen get the credit card bill up for the holiday and work out the readies. Erm thankgod I haven't felt well and have had GTA to play.


After that I relax myself by cleaning the house, getting the vacuum out in particular.


This rug most definitely needed a vacuum in the retro games room. And just so that Matt knows I vacuumed it, I took a photo.


I got my pink duster out before


Having a quick play on the Sega Saturn. A bit of outrun.


A bit of Space Harrier.


And some Sega Rally.




Saturday, February 24, 2018

Can’t Get It Out


I get up and get my credit card out. There is nothing like signing your life away. Now I used this company as I’d used them in the past without a problem. With the credit card out, the driving licence, proof I live at the address, DVLA code and a home phone number “the tricky one”, with the form signed I am handed over some keys and given a registration of a van. This is it.


Now its been a while since I’ve driven one of these. Where the hell is the handbrake!


I must return it with this much fuel.


An hour and a hour later I’m at North Ilkeston. It looks brand new. She doesn’t want to part with it. She doesn’t want to part with it for £50. The thing is we can’t get it out of their house. Apparently it went in easy enough via the back way. But once we have it out the back door there is no way to get it down the alley without damaging it. So back inside it goes. This is tiring. We take the internal door off to go through the front door. Carefully trying to no damage the newly wall papered wall. And it’s out and in the van. Back in we go to rehang the door. To give the chap he’s due he was patient and helpful.


A while later we are back at my house.


The van is unloaded and we get it in my house much easier.


Me and my dad rest a while and take a look at it. It looks brand new still and is lovely to sit on.


A quick trip to Wickes to get some fence panel and then I drop the van back off. I’m shattered.


The neighbour isn’t happy about the height of the fence I got. I give him the receipt and he’ll see if he can sort it out on Tuesday for some shorter ones to be delivered.


As I said I’m shattered, is it the swimming, the lifting of the sofa, not sleeping well, or is my chest infection coming back?


I quickly nip into town do some shopping and get my hair cut at Sneak Pete’s.


Back in the house I’m relaxing. First I try the sofa this way.


Then that. Then I’m really tired. Really tired. As in can’t stay awake tired. I look at the clock. It’s 20:20 but hell I’ve got to go to bed and so do…..




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