Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Artic Front


Today is meant to be the coldest day of the artic front, it looks wintery for a change.


I select a tie for the day. I like this tie.


I cut up some juicy fruit. give it squeeze and


add some hot water. Lovely as it trickles down my throat and most refreshing.


The battery Matt has given me for my LG G3 that was from his old one has charged up over night.


I swap it over and put it in my phone. It goes into boot loop which signifies that the battery isn’t any good even though it charged up.


I sit and wait for car share to turn up. This however is our last week together, for he has decided to move on and go and work in Burton. Apparently he will not miss the traffic of the M6 to Birmingham and back. Although I can’t see the drive to Burton being any quicker myself.


At dinner time I sit and relax with my old partner Steve of some 20 years. And while he is eating the usual


I have made a daily arrangement to have a salad based dinner from now on, amongst other things avoiding chips everyday.


Back at home things have turned very artic, very.



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