Saturday, February 24, 2018

Can’t Get It Out


I get up and get my credit card out. There is nothing like signing your life away. Now I used this company as I’d used them in the past without a problem. With the credit card out, the driving licence, proof I live at the address, DVLA code and a home phone number “the tricky one”, with the form signed I am handed over some keys and given a registration of a van. This is it.


Now its been a while since I’ve driven one of these. Where the hell is the handbrake!


I must return it with this much fuel.


An hour and a hour later I’m at North Ilkeston. It looks brand new. She doesn’t want to part with it. She doesn’t want to part with it for £50. The thing is we can’t get it out of their house. Apparently it went in easy enough via the back way. But once we have it out the back door there is no way to get it down the alley without damaging it. So back inside it goes. This is tiring. We take the internal door off to go through the front door. Carefully trying to no damage the newly wall papered wall. And it’s out and in the van. Back in we go to rehang the door. To give the chap he’s due he was patient and helpful.


A while later we are back at my house.


The van is unloaded and we get it in my house much easier.


Me and my dad rest a while and take a look at it. It looks brand new still and is lovely to sit on.


A quick trip to Wickes to get some fence panel and then I drop the van back off. I’m shattered.


The neighbour isn’t happy about the height of the fence I got. I give him the receipt and he’ll see if he can sort it out on Tuesday for some shorter ones to be delivered.


As I said I’m shattered, is it the swimming, the lifting of the sofa, not sleeping well, or is my chest infection coming back?


I quickly nip into town do some shopping and get my hair cut at Sneak Pete’s.


Back in the house I’m relaxing. First I try the sofa this way.


Then that. Then I’m really tired. Really tired. As in can’t stay awake tired. I look at the clock. It’s 20:20 but hell I’ve got to go to bed and so do…..



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