Sunday, February 18, 2018

We have the jet pack!


I think something very exciting is going to happen.


Oh my it is.


And with a pull of the game pad trigger


We are off. We have the jet pack! We are flying around. It is a total disappointment. I was meant to be excited but now I have it, it is so ….. numb!


I take it to where it tells me to take it. And low and behold, spaced out man is there. In his VW camper. Now this character is definitely in GTA V. Yeah check it out.


And with that mission complete I get the jet pack for good, at my airport.


I take the jet pack for a ride. Yeah lets go gambling.


Matt turns up in the afternoon. He has missed the excitment of the jet pack. But loves the look of the PS3 version of San Andreas. He seams really delighted. But is that because he has brought himself just a black BMW from Gloucester?


We trying flying planes. But neither are us are any good at it.


In the end we give up. He looks at the dirty, bit ridden unvacuumed floor of the retro gaming room once more, and says goodbye. Perhaps he’ll call in when he collects his car…..



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