Friday, March 09, 2018

Cheese, Cheese And Even More Cheese


I leave work early and head up north. This is good it means I don’t have to rush. Which is good because getting onto the M^ is bad. The M6 itself isn’t bad until after Stoke north, at which point it is a standstill. A standstill for a long time. Even worse is my phone decides to crash. So no longer can Zoe see where I am, but I can’t ring her to tell her I’m most likely going to be late. It gets worse. When i do get there and park up I open the boot of the car, look at my bags and realise that I have left the ticket for tonight on my desk at work. Arrrrrrgh. I get changed and we are in time for the train, I’m going to see if I can talk my way in. This never works but hey I have nothing to loose. On the plus side of things I got my phone rebooted and found my confirmation of buying and paying for a ticket. We get the train into Manchester Piccadilly. Zoe is hungry so we enter Peta Manger. I stare at the fruit bowls. This is likely to be the only thing I’m going to be staring at tonight


We meet Alan in a pub, a pub that is back street and all have a beer together before heading to the small venue of Gullivers. Although I did not realise it at the time by name, once in there, I had been before.


There is a professional sign at the back of the venue. This however isn’t how we want to see. Up a flight of stairs and there is someone asking for the tickets. I explain mines in Brum and she asks who I’ve booked with. As it happens SEE have sent a list of names of people who have brought tickets, we find my name and she stamps my hand. We are in, well I am the other two were going to get in anyway!


The first band that is on is some keyboard music group. To me they sound great. Alan and Zoe think not, but perhaps I hear things differently to them.


But I do wonder if 5 keyboard players is slight overkill.


Eventually the Welsh singer how sings in Cornish comes on.


Her singing has something to do with cheese, lots of cheese.


She does get very excited and wants the audience to join in. Singing about cheese that is, in Cornish.


In the end it was all about cheese, just cheese, nothing but cheese, and a little more cheese. And if you didn't have cheese, well then just bring.......


some cheese with you. It was over and I enjoyed my first concert since Depeche mode. It was probably helped by the keyboard band, now who were they?


We had a couple of drinks and then headed back to the station for the last train.


At Stoclport i realised how tired and hungry I was though though, very hungry, and so wandered off to the one place I knew might still be open.


They were! I waited for the two pizzas, yes I was going to share them.


And while I waited there, it felt for a moment like I was in Italy. Only I wasn't.



Thursday, March 08, 2018

Square Box


Luckily it fits in a square box. So that's it then. I wrap it up…


and write the card. All I have to do now then is get some beer packed and also some clothes.


And yeah to remember that ticket.



Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Past My Brain Power


I watch eagerly, it’s confusion, its not real, it can’t make sense? How can it be when none of this is how it should be? And then there is the answer? It is obvious, so very obvious, yet hidden so far away. It’s not really past my brain power, its just hidden in an unreachable place for the moment. And only when it is presented did I realise I knew it all along.



Sunday, March 04, 2018

So Relaxing


In the morning I wake up early., to the pitta patta of rain. All that additional snow that was due to fall today is obviously falling as rain. Its raining hard so I guess the snow will have mostly gone. I have a peak, yes and then climb back under the duvet where it is warm and snug.


The kids are sent up to get me out of bed, but I’m up already. We down stairs for some breakfast and to play games.


We play some games and then play on the Nintendo switch. I’m great at Mario Kart by the way, well if we play with slow karts.


With all the snow gone in the afternoon I head to my parents. Where things are nearly as lazy.


Saturday, March 03, 2018



When i get up the back garden looks lovely. What fence panel comes to mind.


I do some house chores, play the PS4 for a while and then put the new lights on the car.


After all it may be snowy outside, but its not cold.


Yep thats great. These are good ones so should last a couple of years unlike the last ones.


With the world frozen outside, I put some food out for the wildlife that doesn’t exisit in my garden, uncover the pool from snow and break up the ice so they can have an icy cold drink should they feel like it.


at about 3pm I head into Birmingham. the roads are erily quiet still, and while the news and web feed moan about the conditions of the raods, they have all been cleared of snow and are tarmacs. Well right up to Matt’s road, where he did say “don’t try and park in our road”.


Of course I did. Couldn’t see what all the fuss was about.


I head with my bag down his street.


Enjoying the coldness of Birmingham. Hell it was colder here.


I’m greeted by Maddy at the door, seen in and given a cup of tea, and jumped all oveer by the kids.


Before they go to bed, Izzy snuggles up to me and reads me two chapter of Horrid Henry.


The baby sitter arrives and we head off for a wintery walk to the pub.


We order some tea at the chineese next door and when its cooked they will text. In the mean time we need to order some drinks at the Paper Duck.


These being 4,8 and 16.


there’s always one character in the photo saying has he taken a photo or not? The food comes and we eat it in the pub, causing smells that made everyone want ot go next door.


this is washed down by many beers and trips to the toilet.


Time moves by and it is time to leave. We walk steadily in a wobbly way back. Wow it is cold now.


Crunch crunch crunch underfoot.


Hey we make it. Matt wants to stay up and have a pint or two, I just say back “I’m grown up now, I know my limit I know its time for bed”.


I like a proper grown up I go to bed….



Friday, March 02, 2018

Say It All


I await for carshare to turn up. Eventually I get a phone call saying he can’t make it to my house the road is blocked by snow. Today was going to be our last day togeather. It would appear to not be though. I head into work as normal. The roads are erily quiet and apart from one snow drift across the road south of the town I live in, they were perfect and make it to work in twenty minutes. At 1pm we are allowed to go home, aparently heavey snow is one the way for our area and it took most people in work 3 hours to get home last night. I head home, stop at iceland, buy ten doughnuts and a whole load of other things to get me through the afternoon.


I look into the milk box. Well blow me away. With all the schools closing and people not turning up for work the one person who has the most driving to do has delievered the milk. I think that says everything about our country.


As it turns snowier I realise how bored I am. I put the PS4 on for a while, the first time in a long time. But really this does not help. And with that I end up going to bed early.



Thursday, March 01, 2018

35 Seconds


Its very early, outside its is –6.5 deg C. Surprisingly the car starts, so I text my boss to let him know I’ve got my ass out of bed and I’m heading his way.


The motorway is car, however my windscreen is not. Not only that but my screen wash is frozen up. By Stafford services I have to leave the motorway for a break to wash the windscreen. I’m not alone, there are lots of us doing the same thing. I open the bonnet and look in the reservoir knowing I had only filled it up the other night and what I was going to find. Erm slush puppy wind screen wash. The stuff in the boot is fine though. and so use that to clean the screen. Nearer Stoke the weather improves and I swop into my boss car for a relax as we head to Manchester. He thinks it will be a short meeting. I think it be an all day session. He informs me the client has called to see if we are still coming, and he’d told them I was on the way and he was waiting for me. Mind the twenty minute journey to Stoke had took nearly an hour.


The meeting lasted all day and we headed home tired, well me, not him. Back in my own car i head south from Stoke and the weather turns back to artic the further south I go.


As I near home there is snow on the motorway.


As I come off the motorway the main road is snowed.


The traffic slows.


Until it stops.


While the main road is stationary I turn off down the side streets of frozen road and head the back way.


I still have to a swing via the main road by the bus station though, and queue patiently.


The closer to home I get the more artic it becomes.


It turn off


and follow the circular bus


I am home to a whiter home than I left.


I get my bags and head in doors.


The fence panel has disappeared. Man someone lite the BBQ to warm the world.


I turn on the twinkles.


And get ready to relax.


I slip in a blu ray disc and sit back


And 35 seconds later everything was different.




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