Thursday, March 01, 2018

35 Seconds


Its very early, outside its is –6.5 deg C. Surprisingly the car starts, so I text my boss to let him know I’ve got my ass out of bed and I’m heading his way.


The motorway is car, however my windscreen is not. Not only that but my screen wash is frozen up. By Stafford services I have to leave the motorway for a break to wash the windscreen. I’m not alone, there are lots of us doing the same thing. I open the bonnet and look in the reservoir knowing I had only filled it up the other night and what I was going to find. Erm slush puppy wind screen wash. The stuff in the boot is fine though. and so use that to clean the screen. Nearer Stoke the weather improves and I swop into my boss car for a relax as we head to Manchester. He thinks it will be a short meeting. I think it be an all day session. He informs me the client has called to see if we are still coming, and he’d told them I was on the way and he was waiting for me. Mind the twenty minute journey to Stoke had took nearly an hour.


The meeting lasted all day and we headed home tired, well me, not him. Back in my own car i head south from Stoke and the weather turns back to artic the further south I go.


As I near home there is snow on the motorway.


As I come off the motorway the main road is snowed.


The traffic slows.


Until it stops.


While the main road is stationary I turn off down the side streets of frozen road and head the back way.


I still have to a swing via the main road by the bus station though, and queue patiently.


The closer to home I get the more artic it becomes.


It turn off


and follow the circular bus


I am home to a whiter home than I left.


I get my bags and head in doors.


The fence panel has disappeared. Man someone lite the BBQ to warm the world.


I turn on the twinkles.


And get ready to relax.


I slip in a blu ray disc and sit back


And 35 seconds later everything was different.



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