Saturday, March 03, 2018



When i get up the back garden looks lovely. What fence panel comes to mind.


I do some house chores, play the PS4 for a while and then put the new lights on the car.


After all it may be snowy outside, but its not cold.


Yep thats great. These are good ones so should last a couple of years unlike the last ones.


With the world frozen outside, I put some food out for the wildlife that doesn’t exisit in my garden, uncover the pool from snow and break up the ice so they can have an icy cold drink should they feel like it.


at about 3pm I head into Birmingham. the roads are erily quiet still, and while the news and web feed moan about the conditions of the raods, they have all been cleared of snow and are tarmacs. Well right up to Matt’s road, where he did say “don’t try and park in our road”.


Of course I did. Couldn’t see what all the fuss was about.


I head with my bag down his street.


Enjoying the coldness of Birmingham. Hell it was colder here.


I’m greeted by Maddy at the door, seen in and given a cup of tea, and jumped all oveer by the kids.


Before they go to bed, Izzy snuggles up to me and reads me two chapter of Horrid Henry.


The baby sitter arrives and we head off for a wintery walk to the pub.


We order some tea at the chineese next door and when its cooked they will text. In the mean time we need to order some drinks at the Paper Duck.


These being 4,8 and 16.


there’s always one character in the photo saying has he taken a photo or not? The food comes and we eat it in the pub, causing smells that made everyone want ot go next door.


this is washed down by many beers and trips to the toilet.


Time moves by and it is time to leave. We walk steadily in a wobbly way back. Wow it is cold now.


Crunch crunch crunch underfoot.


Hey we make it. Matt wants to stay up and have a pint or two, I just say back “I’m grown up now, I know my limit I know its time for bed”.


I like a proper grown up I go to bed….



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