Friday, March 09, 2018

Cheese, Cheese And Even More Cheese


I leave work early and head up north. This is good it means I don’t have to rush. Which is good because getting onto the M^ is bad. The M6 itself isn’t bad until after Stoke north, at which point it is a standstill. A standstill for a long time. Even worse is my phone decides to crash. So no longer can Zoe see where I am, but I can’t ring her to tell her I’m most likely going to be late. It gets worse. When i do get there and park up I open the boot of the car, look at my bags and realise that I have left the ticket for tonight on my desk at work. Arrrrrrgh. I get changed and we are in time for the train, I’m going to see if I can talk my way in. This never works but hey I have nothing to loose. On the plus side of things I got my phone rebooted and found my confirmation of buying and paying for a ticket. We get the train into Manchester Piccadilly. Zoe is hungry so we enter Peta Manger. I stare at the fruit bowls. This is likely to be the only thing I’m going to be staring at tonight


We meet Alan in a pub, a pub that is back street and all have a beer together before heading to the small venue of Gullivers. Although I did not realise it at the time by name, once in there, I had been before.


There is a professional sign at the back of the venue. This however isn’t how we want to see. Up a flight of stairs and there is someone asking for the tickets. I explain mines in Brum and she asks who I’ve booked with. As it happens SEE have sent a list of names of people who have brought tickets, we find my name and she stamps my hand. We are in, well I am the other two were going to get in anyway!


The first band that is on is some keyboard music group. To me they sound great. Alan and Zoe think not, but perhaps I hear things differently to them.


But I do wonder if 5 keyboard players is slight overkill.


Eventually the Welsh singer how sings in Cornish comes on.


Her singing has something to do with cheese, lots of cheese.


She does get very excited and wants the audience to join in. Singing about cheese that is, in Cornish.


In the end it was all about cheese, just cheese, nothing but cheese, and a little more cheese. And if you didn't have cheese, well then just bring.......


some cheese with you. It was over and I enjoyed my first concert since Depeche mode. It was probably helped by the keyboard band, now who were they?


We had a couple of drinks and then headed back to the station for the last train.


At Stoclport i realised how tired and hungry I was though though, very hungry, and so wandered off to the one place I knew might still be open.


They were! I waited for the two pizzas, yes I was going to share them.


And while I waited there, it felt for a moment like I was in Italy. Only I wasn't.



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