Friday, March 02, 2018

Say It All


I await for carshare to turn up. Eventually I get a phone call saying he can’t make it to my house the road is blocked by snow. Today was going to be our last day togeather. It would appear to not be though. I head into work as normal. The roads are erily quiet and apart from one snow drift across the road south of the town I live in, they were perfect and make it to work in twenty minutes. At 1pm we are allowed to go home, aparently heavey snow is one the way for our area and it took most people in work 3 hours to get home last night. I head home, stop at iceland, buy ten doughnuts and a whole load of other things to get me through the afternoon.


I look into the milk box. Well blow me away. With all the schools closing and people not turning up for work the one person who has the most driving to do has delievered the milk. I think that says everything about our country.


As it turns snowier I realise how bored I am. I put the PS4 on for a while, the first time in a long time. But really this does not help. And with that I end up going to bed early.



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