Thursday, September 06, 2018

A Love Note


I get up and having mowed the lawn and watered the garden last night, I notice it has rained. The lawn though is still getting greener. The bottom bit is shabby in real life.


As I leave for work I see the front plants are happy.


Me I’m not happy. But it occurs to me that what the problem actually is is loneliness. Its been great having my brother stay the last two weekends but during the week I get lonely. Work is so very quiet, with so few people here, unlike my last place which was a social haven.


Back at home in the garden I get a surprise.


One and I mean one of the sunflowers is dancing its little merry head off.


Around the front I make a plan. It involves…


digging a hole. Which involves unearthing the earth wire and probe. Now I’m not surprised at what I see here for the installation. And the wire was unsurprisingly protected by putting bricks on top of it. The hole must get deeper and deeper, although not actually around the earth probe.


This I will handle separately.


After all that digging I put the tools away.


I say goodnight to the sunflower and head indoors.


As I open the fridge I not that the once a week delivery of orange juice may need to be cancelled.


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