Friday, September 07, 2018

Crash Bang Woollooooop


I wake up suddenly, 5:25am and startled from deep sleep to a right racquet of smashing glass and noise of things flying around.  I get out of bed quick thinking I’m being burgled or someone has broken into the car. As it happens it is not like that thankgod.


The mirror above the sofa though has fallen down. Down onto the shelf with the collection of glasses of all the places I’ve been.


I go back to bed and when I get up for work some 45 minutes latter, I tidy up. Amazingly only 3 glasses were broken. The rest were just littered around. The mirror well that's had it. Looks like the heat given off by the radiator below had altered the twisted wire hanger and it gave in after all this time.


After work I head to Morrisons for some soil. What I come out with is cat litter and some Whiskas cat soup. The cat like Sheba soup but it is dear. And for the last few days has stopped talking to me or eating the normal cat food. So this may please her.


As Morrisons did not have what I wanted, and that did not surprise me,


but I had not been in that Morrisons before I went to the Range. Here I knew they would have what I wanted and more.


Like I said more. I get some outdoor paint of the same colour and brand I used earlier in the year for when touching up is required. Some door handles for the bathroom door in silver, a new lock in silver, and


Some manure soil and boarder edging. I wonder if my dad will have left the item round my house I asked him for last night? I get home and I get to work…

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