Friday, September 28, 2018



If you can count this is three. I get a lie in this morning, For today at last I get to visit the audiologist. Its been a while, well originally since May. So here is the second ear mould or the third depending on how you look at things. Now they did say they would send the ear mould but since the last visit I seamed to need the existing one turning up. Since it had not been altered, but ever since not loud enough. And hence I explained this.


This wasn’t the usual audiologist again, so that makes three, I asked where he was, “he's moved on, its like that”. He adjusts the hearing aid settings and put it back in. How's that then? Er I can’t hear anything now, thinking he was testing me. He took it away and played with it some more then looked up, you know what, this hearing aid is knackered, and reached for a box, and that was hearing aid three. I slide the longer more extruding ear mould into the ear, how deep can something go, there is no whistling and while longer and deeper it is a nice fit, awkward t get in but once there, a  good fit, and wow it is so very very loud. I laugh it is now obvious the old one wasn’t right. But then I knew that that’s why I was using hearing aid number 1 since July. Not that I was going to mention that.


When I get home many hours latter, I looked at the lush greenness, and could think of only one thing, to mow to my delight. I mowed my lawn and then went next door, and I mowed her’s and then she came out, and we chatted in the cool air of the evening. That was until my brother came.


Yep that’s right I had asked him to come round for tea, but all that grass went to my head, and I’d forgotten. Still though


I got to eat real burgers, made from real meat. They were nice burgers, they were nice chips, and that was nice company. As Fridays went, this one was going nicely.


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