Sunday, September 23, 2018

I Wonder How It Ends


This may be how the day started but isn’t how I felt. I get up and so does Rog, and I get the bacon on. We sit in the fresh air outside and enjoy the niceness of hangovers together in harmony that isn’t harmony, but the company is.


Rog heads of at some point, I stay in the garden to enjoy its wonderness.


The nights are cooler and the plants are changing colours, things are so different, things are always changing. I look round and see so much to be done, but not today. Today as expected is about one thing.


Relaxing in the relaxing chair.


Watching the fight for survival. Unlike how the day starts, I wonder how it ends?


Some things are sweet, some things make sweet things sweeter. Depeche Modes version of hero's are as sweet as it gets.


It takes your mind away from here and takes the place to another place, another eternity.


But once my head is clear I look once more at the plans and think, I think I can do this, but question just how long it is going to take?

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