Thursday, September 27, 2018

Lots of Things Begin With Q


It’s not the morning that begins with Q. In fact this morning I get up early enough to have the morning start with bacon. And that’s a nice thing, for me, not the pig.


And while I brought the Whoops loaf only last night it looks like I need another loaf b it whoops or not already.


That evening I’m privileged, I’m privileged to have the company of the Greenies and to share tea time with them. It is nice, it is relaxing, it is homely. It’s been a while. We have a lovely tea followed by some Uno and then I’m asked what I’d like to play, what I’d really really like to play. And for some reason I really, really wanted to play scrabble. A little latter I probably didn’t want to feel this way and but in fact quiet the opposite. No I lie I enjoyed it. I enjoyed trying to use the Q. Q Q Q Q Q. But it must be said.


Each time I could begin a word with a Q Sara buggered me over, each and every time. I smiled, even though I lost, not to Sara but against her kid. That's the end not how it began, that's Q.

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