Saturday, September 08, 2018

Mission Accomplished


The answer is no. ?He brought it round about 10pm


I head to the bathroom to wash. I decide that after  using the bamboo toothbrush or a few weeks its got to go.


While the handle is fine the bristles are just way too soft for me. I get out a wisdom tooth brush and try and decide on pink or blue. My nashers are going to feel so clean after this. And brush away I do.


As I look at the Wisdom packet, I can’t tell from the labelling it the toothbrush is recyclable, or the packaging or just the card bit of packaging on the outside? It is all so ambiguous.


It is good to see though that the cat has had a good session in her bowl. Mission accomplished.


I head out to see my handy work from last night.


Now we have just to pry it doesn’t die.

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