Sunday, September 16, 2018

Pleasant Thoughts


One thing I know it is raining. And that is a good thing. My whole body aches from yesterdays momentous effort on the drive. Today I don’t fancy doing anymore.


I go into town with my brother, mainly to get my hair cut and also to head into New Look Morrisons to get some cat soups.


When I’m back at home, my dad turns up gets the grinder out and we make a line at the end of the drive. Well the part on the right.


I tap away the tarmac and edge, and remove yet more hidden brick, concrete and foundations. Once we get some edging strips in it will not look so bad and then we can backfill and put some instamac in.


For now though I’m going to relax.


In fact I relax that much that I put on Skyrim. Yeah how long ago is that.


I have a good play and enjoy it. While it would be nice to buy it on the PS4 it would be a waste of money. I just couldn’t start from the beging again.


I put my feet up of my weary achy body.


Slip in a disc and turn up the surround sound.


A film about pleasant thoughts?




It ends happy enough but how did we get there?

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