Wednesday, October 31, 2018

I saved Bart From The Tarmac


There are not many days that I start at 3:30am. To be frank, one wonders how long next door were trying to get me to hear the door bell. When I thought who the hell the could be wanting me to answer the door at this hour, the answer was very quickly answered as I moved the curtain back and saw the mess that was on the road outside.


The police came and closed the road.


They arranged for the tow trucks, took statements and gathered details and video footage.


And arranged for the mess to be cleaned up.


I saved Bart from the tarmac.


This wasn’t the way I expected the relationship to end. I thought I’d get another ten years out of her, having looked after her so well. I chatted to the police and I emptied the car in the expectation that I will never see it again. I had a cup of tea and texted my boss to say I would be very late in if at all and was going to bed, hoping his phone would be on silent. I go to be with lights outside flashing away eking around the blackout curtains until dawn.


When I do get up I call the insurance company and they are arranging a car for me ASAP. Mean while I await for my parents to come round so I can use my 5 for the day.


Being at work is hard, I obviously had no sleep after. I have some tea round my parents and then get a lift home.


Through the door something has come that at least makes me smile when I need it.


I settle in the retro room and


and turn on some scfi to take me to another place.


I relax to some Who


which is odd as the Who gets it.



Yeah the day hasn’t been good.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Anniversary Evening


I was looking forward to tonight. Here is a place I like to come to if not that often. Tonight though we were here as it is my parents wedding anniversary. I collect the family right after work and head over to Longdon Green.


The setting here is always nice and the fire as usual is alight and crackling in the background.


My starter is served.


Home made black pudding and a poached egg in crumbs. It lovely, and for me a bit different to having patty or pawn cocktails that I like so very much, or is it the thousand island dressing I really like so very much.


Either way the parents like it here and that is what matters. I drive to allow my dad to have a beer or two.


For the main course I had something you may think is odd but I just fancied it. Cheese and onion pie.


And if there was not enough potato in that, I had a portion of chucky chips to go with it.


And yes we did have puddings, a treacle sponge which was meltingly wonderful.


Monday, October 29, 2018

Getting the Chop


I get up and enjoy the view


When I get home I’m a very lucky person, choplifter for the Sega Master System has come. Now this game is a wonderful and simple classic. Just need some time to play it, but you know what. I’m shattered and going to bed.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

That’s Excitement For You


Today outside is cold.


Although some plants don’t think so.


Today is a relaxing day. No work on the drive today then. That's tomorrow.


Today is about relaxing.


And getting the chores done, hold, look at that.


ahh she is pretty. and cute, and daft.


I watch this machine spin for a while.


Then consider getting the vacuum out, which


I did.


And then there was the most important thing to do.


Not the shopping


But this


Getting my hair cut.


I do, do my shopping. I visit the butcher and find out where he hoping to locate to. This is it he is selling the lot. Only, I only need bacon. And so that is it, I have bacon.


And while I sit a the cafe overlooking the bus station, I consider the facts of popping into spec savers. I retried reopening the contact lens agreement. They this time said the contact lens person wants to look into my eye, and try a new lens out. Hold on, this isn’t the new lens we have already tried and doesn’t work, is it? I thought best to stay stum and just go with it. I can always tease them next weekend.


The bus comes and you know what.


I’m on it.


Back at home, I wonder about my plants.


Even the cactus is turning pink!


Amazing, now what am I going to do with myself.


Friday, October 26, 2018

Hot & Spicy Chicken


I manage to get from work to the town center by 5:20pm. That gives me ten minutes to collect my Argos item. I make it, I’m sure I get that look of, look here comes someone at the last minute.But to today upto 5:30pm was the last chance to collect before it went back into oblivion. I put the new cat bed in the living room. Knowing she’ll ignore it. But also noting how cold it was in the house I moved her usual bed next to the radiator so she could be warm when the radiators are on.


Obviously after the initial saying hello when I get in, I never see her again. But tonight while watching the Who, in the snug, the door opened.


To be fair she had not come to see me. But had smelt my tea in the bowl on the floor.


And she tucked in.


Which I was impressed by as they were hot and spicy chicken. Oh well.


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