Friday, October 19, 2018



You never know what the day might hold. Although today I know it holds work. What other things it hold I don’t know? Friendship and companionship?


Afterwork I leg it to the station. The train is late, that is good, that is always good on this particular service as it give me that extra minute or two to get here.


On the train I am heading south but backwards, never my favourite position, but I get a seat, a seat that is comfy.


At the station I meet Louis, it is good to see a friendly smile, it is good to see him again. We walk merrily through the town knowing what is in front of us.


A pub of choice, of many choices, and thus we both order fish and chips with garden peas. We have a beer too of course.


Sometimes you don’t know who is going to come, and who is not, tonight though we have a friendly face, one I have have not seen for some two years, and today he is looking healthy, today he is healthy unlike the days gone by. It is good to see MR Andrews. And so we all smile, we chit, we chat, we enjoy the company of each other, that's what this is about and if not, then it could always be just about the beer here, that would be the choice.


As usual, I’m the last here, and eventually my train is meant to be due.


I wonder past the statue that isn’t the hippo.


And make it to the station for that train that meant to be due, and it is due, but not yet, not due yet.


I wait while the train takes what ever diversion it takes, me though I’m not going anywhere, I’m already here, waiting for what is due, should it ever arrive.


I look up to see a gold locomotive pull up. It’s not going my way, it’s too far away, it’s not my ride so I stay here sat, chilling, relaxing in the freshest of airs of the night.


One comes of course, because it is due, and I get a comfy seat.


And I ride all the way home, although in reality I don’t really recall the walk back, but is that a good thing or a bed thing, in the morning I will shorely awake and find out.

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