Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Eastern Memories


The garden is a strange place. They dance, but do they sing? I watch, I listen, yes they do.


Some hours later I ponder weather I have time to have a quick swim or not. Well in essence its never quick, pretty much always an hour in the pool. The question still stood though, did I have time.


Sometime later a car pulled up, It was tea time, I jumped in and me and Scott headed to Bridgetown to go to a Curry House I had not tried yet. Yes that is right, there are still curry houses here that I have not tried. This one has good reviews and the fact is, for someone as lazy as me it is too far to walk. So the Eastern Promise it was. We were welcomed, and I know what you were thinking. Where are the shots of the food? Well as I’d never been out with Scott before and as we were on our own I was polite and didn’t get the phone out.


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