Monday, October 08, 2018

Hard Decision


At work I make a call to 01543220111. The appointment is made, I suck in hard and then breath out. It’s got to be done and now its going to be sorted. After work I head for a swim. Tonight it was hard, hard like treacle, but I did it, I managed it, I got all my lengths in.


Home I sit on the sofa, the fire on and the laptop out. Like I have looked all weekend I need to make a decision. The Resort, The place to stay. Val Cenis works out the the cheapest £420 for an apartment, and my very favourite resort. And I like it there, yes I do. Back to La Plagne, £690, but while I often repeat, do I want to this year? Les Arcs, which both me and my brother want to go to, but I just can’t find anything suitable less than £1500. In the end I choose something different, that isn’t different. With ten’s of windows open on apartments in various areas of the the resort, I decide on something the same.


Yep we are booked in to stay at the resort of Les Eucherts. At least the apartment is right on the side of the slopes. And the apartments are by a brand I use often, as they are nice, and well organised, and so far never let me down. Will this be a good resort? Who knows?  Will this be suitable for my mom and dad? Hopefully.Will it be any good for me and my brother?


There should be enough todo, hopefully it will have snowed, and hopefully it will be sunny. They even have a new sector to ski in for this winter. Now I’m excited. Very. And we can spend a day in Les Arcs. I suppose I better tell the others where we are going.


And with that I switch on Doctor Who. But that's not right. He’s had a sex change.


I think the world has gone to pot. Bring back Clara I miss her.

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