Friday, October 26, 2018

Hot & Spicy Chicken


I manage to get from work to the town center by 5:20pm. That gives me ten minutes to collect my Argos item. I make it, I’m sure I get that look of, look here comes someone at the last minute.But to today upto 5:30pm was the last chance to collect before it went back into oblivion. I put the new cat bed in the living room. Knowing she’ll ignore it. But also noting how cold it was in the house I moved her usual bed next to the radiator so she could be warm when the radiators are on.


Obviously after the initial saying hello when I get in, I never see her again. But tonight while watching the Who, in the snug, the door opened.


To be fair she had not come to see me. But had smelt my tea in the bowl on the floor.


And she tucked in.


Which I was impressed by as they were hot and spicy chicken. Oh well.

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