Wednesday, October 10, 2018

In Preparation


Well I wasn’t expecting that. When I got here last having taken the long way home, some 1 hour I’d have expected the car to start. But it didn’t. This morning I take it off the charger, But guess what.


Dead. Luckily I have a rabbit and got that out. The rabbit started the bunny. This means two things. I was late for work for the first time. And that the Varta battery is dead, as in flat dead, dead flat. As in dead. The battery it replaced though got her going. Once at work and onto the internet to order anther B23. That's what happens when you leave a car for so long without using it.


When I do get home, it is warm. So I do a bit of gardening and relax outside on and Ikea rocking chair with a cup of tea. This is tranquil, this is relaxing.

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