Thursday, October 11, 2018



This morning I am hoping for a good doctor, a mechanical doctor.


My dad has got the car there for 8am just as requested. Mean while I am working on a 3D drawing in Autocad, which I am drawing the parts for in Inventor first and then moving them across. In a way I’m getting better at this.


At 3:45 I call the garage, they are running behind but should get it finished by 5pm. I head over and just as I get there at 5:05pm they are taking her for a test drive.


I pay the £610 bill for the fitting of a new clutch and dual mass flywheel, I pray she is going to last a lot longer now, although having got to 164K on its original is some good going. They explain they have had problems refitting the undertray, although it is secure.


By the time we are home the tray is loose. I’m not surprised. It’s never been to a professional mechanical and had its undertray fitted properly after the work they have carried out, however I am pucker at fitting it.


I screw a screw back in position and note three other screws that are missing. Luckily as I like a secure undertray, I have VAG spares. Just need time to fit them at some point.


I collect Les and Rob and my mom. There is no doubt that the left peddle is feather light now and I will be getting less exercise.


She also seams quieter, and swifter and less rattily. Erm what an improvement the new dual mass fly wheel has made.


Well here we are at the Bradford Arms.


I like it here as the food is always nice.


I plum for the mixed grill. It is quiet filling.


We come second apparently. Although I only knew two answers, the Mormons and of course Madrid.

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