Saturday, October 20, 2018

Romantically Not Trying It On


I get up and collect my car, yippee it has passed its MOT. Zoe turns up, we have a cup of tea and then head towards Stratford. As we enter the town we park up randomly, which brings us as close to Susie’s cafe bar as you could wish to be.


We are here to see a double bill running of Trying It On, followed later by Mayday by David Edgar.


First though Zo wants a hot dog.


I on the other hand have a Susie Burger and chips, come on they are fries, are they French fires though, or Belgium Fries? I suppose they could be British fries but they are certainly not chips.


We wander into the auditorium last, and are sent upstairs to sit on the balcony.


This is him, the chap himself, although I don’t know it, until I’m told and thereafter the story of his life, ambitions, and successes, along with some other stuff.


It all rolls on, a draw opening here a draw opening there, balloons popping up here, balloons popping up there.


Then some mentions Princess Diana’s death, and it all goes to the shittah.


Later we go for a relaxing walk, down the river, boats going by


clouds bobbing along.


We find somewhere to eat, atmospheric and old.


Zoe visits the facilities and tells me David is here, she asks if she should go and ask for her book to be signed. Only if he’s not eating I say. She asks me to go and check. It’s not only him in here, they whole team is, they are however eating and I tell her she should not disturb them while they eat. Meanwhile our food appears.


oh yummy.


This looks as good as it tastes.


And then the main course comes and it to is a divine plat of scrumptious.


Once it is all eaten we relax for a while


And pay the bill, eating at The Opposition was a good choice.


We wander the streets for a while, admiring the red telephone boxes that don’t open and then head into the gift shop of the main theatre.


We grab a hot drink and side by the riverside,


Now so tranquil and peaceful.


And while we sit there, time dwindling by, so nudges me and tells me we are late for the main show.


And so we run to the smaller theatre, and join the crowd in there.


Well its nice you could join us.


Ever get that feeling your feeling watched.


And so this is the start of a 3hour 20 minute play, lucky with two intervals.


As we wander in I let Zoe go first, however they have moved the seating and now site with my knackered ear to her. he catches on I struggling and ask if we want to swap sides, we do. This means that she is now sitting with spare seat to her left.


Which cheers her up when David Edgar himself comes and sits to watch next to her.


A long time later and interval one comes, and Zoe is now chasing the man for a autograph in her book. I hope he doesn’t go to the gents, cu I know she will follow him.


Some action in the foyer and


we sneak our drinks into the auditorium.


We don’t want to look suspicious with our cups, so we sit on the front row, the seat once more re-arranged.


A few years pass by, a few May Days, but no Morris dancing, and a sure lack of any romance to be seen.


And then before you know it, it is over. I recognise one of the actresses, the head mistress from the series teachers.


We wander out, and head for the car, for it is nice night for a drive


And so and hour later I am back in my cosy palace, very ready for a cosy sleep, it doesn’t take long……

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