Friday, November 23, 2018



The day starts later than originally planned, which gives me time for a bacon sandwich. The bank doesn’t open until 9:30am and somehow I need the cash out. I collect the parents and then head to the bank. The insurance cheques go in and money is transferred to one of parents accounts so I can use their card. A high value transaction is registered on their system for today to ensure it gets accepted. Many hours later and somewhere up north we stop for a another cup of tea. This is it then we are just around the corner.


A while later we are at the car lot. I pay, we fill out the paper work.


And I get given the key. I start her up


and head straight for the nearest Morrison's to fill her up.


And while there we have a proper rest and some Morrison's dinner at their cafe, before the long journey home.


During the journey the dash board light goes off. Is this a good sign?


We keep going unit Weatherby.


Where we have a rest again. I’m now tired, it is dark and


I’m hungry.


Just enough to fill me.


Although my mom and dad don’t eat at this time. To early for them.


Some hours later we stop for them to have tea. Only these service were pants food wise unless you wanted a Burger King, Pasty or a Costa Coffee, which at the services does costa lot.


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